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Dragon Idle Adventure Mod Apk

Dragon Idle Adventure Mod Apk
Write your own story in a magic land of dragons, fantasy, and adventure in Dragon Idle Adventure!

Tap tap tap to collect cute dragons and travel to charming towns in this idle adventure. Cast the right spells to meet legendary dragons that will help on your quest. Tap into the power of the friendly town wizard to unlock new magical realms. Welcome to Dragonshore!

:star: Unique HABITATS for your dragons to grow and prosper
:star: Special DRAGONS that oversee the production of spell materials to help you on your quest
:star: AUTOMATED gathering to help you earn limitless gold while you’re away!
:star: EXPLORE the Lowlands, Highlands, and Skylands with each successful level
:star: UNLOCK new cards to aid you in your quest to free the dragons!

1. Anti Cheat
2. Upgrade Card cost 1
3. Upgrade Cost 0
4. Upgrade cards for higher Multiplier

Dragon Idle Adventure Mod Apk