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Blocky Army Base: Modern War Strike Mod Apk (All weapons purchased; Disabled video ads)

Welcome to the best blocky army games, prepare your blocky squad in the fort of the night to command, and use modern war strike strategies against your enemy for control of War Zones in blocky army games. You are one of few surviving commanders after world war 3 and you are selected for the secret mission to defend your blocky army base from enemies. Customize your blocky army units and attack enemies to survive. Become an ultimate blocky army commander in this military warfare games by battling to gain control of the world. Its call of duty ww2 and if you trapped in the heart of enemy territory with your blocky squad the use strategies to defend your block squad and blocky army base as well. Blocky Army Base: Modern War Strike is a realistic blocky army game with direct control of tanks, helicopters and infantry, shoot your way through enemy hordes and become a master of combat.
Blocky Army Base: Modern War Strike Mod Apk

The storyline for Blocky Army base: modern war strike
Blocky American civil war commander attack on your army base and a call for the civil war has been declared to defend the country’s army base. As brave blocky army commander, it’s your duty to lead the civil war, last battleground squad, to have brutal fight against them. Expertly win all call of war missions of survival in blocky army games and use modern war strike weapons and special forces training commanders to win the fight. So be ready because extreme blocky army fighting is going to take place between you and your enemies. It’s a high time to begin the battle and test your super fighting skills in army fighting games. Blocky rivals are very strong. They have well-trained blocky army commandos, blocky tanks, and copters. But don’t worry you are well trained with heavy advanced weapons. Make the best possible use of your advanced weapons and take back control of your army. Call the airstrikes for your help when necessary. You are on the mission to defeat your enemies. Do it in the best possible way, keep this in mind because survival is necessary!

3D blocky graphics bring this awesome game to you with fantastic performance and nonstop fun. Use stars earned to unlock new units and progress even further. Be ready for the endless fighting fun, you have given chance to prove yourself a brave blocky army commander in Blocky Army Base: Modern War Strike.

“Features for Blocky Army Base: Modern War Strike”

– Amazing blocky army base environment
– Aim and shoot all blocky enemies in the unknown battlefields
– Experience multiple weapons including sniper gun, rifleman and grenadier
– Unique and exciting blocky environment for endless fun
– High-quality graphics and astonishing sound effects

Blocky Army Base: Modern War Strike Mod Apk (All weapons purchased; Disabled video ads)