Zombie Killer Mod Apk

Zombie Killer Mod Apk
This is a new casual + merge + idle 2D portrait mobile game.

On the first day, countless alien monsters suddenly descended into our world. As a hero, please start to merge and upgrade your modern equipment to destroy these monsters and save humanity!
The next day, as a hero, you will find that you have accidentally acquired some random special abilities during the upgrade process, and some changes have been made to this already fearful fighting attitude. The boring process seems to be interesting…
On the third day, you find yourself seemingly unable to stop. It seems to be a hobby to destroy and torture these ugly and deformed monsters because you found some mysterious metal boxes on their bodies. Some weird equipment, curious you carry them with you, but they don’t know that these devices have quietly played a role in their bodies.
On the fourth day, you have been exhausted for many days. Although you have been well-equipped and well-equipped, in the face of increasingly powerful and numerous monsters, it is still a little powerless. At this time, the R&D organization of the human headquarters tells you that After studying the bodies of these monsters and extracting their genes, they have cloned the “good” monsters and said that they can help you… You may have no choice but to take the test.
On the fifth day, the monsters of the city have been wiped out by you, and following your “good” monster is better than you expected. You find that it has no feelings for your own kind, and it is not soft, it is only in you. It seems that it is not too loyal when it is dangerous. At this time, you would like to take a break and suddenly received a notice from the headquarters, telling you that there is a new map waiting for you to save. You are not sure what the problem is, and the equipment is embarking on a new journey.
On the sixth day, just after you got off the helicopter, you found that the new area is more complicated than you think. The monster is more fierce than the original. The original equipment is not enough. Your “good” monster is still so capable. But the monster here is still weaker than the monster here. These are not for you who like to challenge because you find that the mysterious box equipment and headquarters rewards are much more than the original, although your body changes more and more obvious, you feel faint may be a danger But it is unable to control the impulse of such collection.
On the seventh day, today you suddenly found out that the signal with the headquarters was interrupted. At this time, you found that some monsters were not the same as usual. You raised the gun with a hard scalp, and suddenly you found a UFO flying in the sky. You fired a shot at him, UFO gave a beam of light on you, as if you were covered in fire, full of power, this time the monsters also rushed over, you madly fired at them…
The eighth day…

The sale of weapons to get a lot of gold coins
Drag the weapon to the trash can to sell

Zombie Killer Mod Apk

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