VoxelMonster Mod Apk

VoxelMonster Mod Apk
You can breed comical monsters.
Monster evolve. (egg -> baby -> child -> adult -> ultra)
You beat an enemy(or friend) and get a new database.

Disabled ad serving;
Unlocked the developers menu (in the main menu, press the white button with hieroglyphs), in which you can (items are listed in order from top to bottom, from right to left):
return to the main menu;
Rewind at any time (for this, enter the time in the HHmmss field, for example – the value 332211 will move forward 33 hours 22 minutes 11 seconds, then click on the button below);
rewind time to restore energy;
rewind time for evolution;
change evolution ID;
call on the enemy;
download the save from the official video (DemoMovie), 1 and 2 screenshots (SS1 and SS2);
delete save.

VoxelMonster Mod Apk

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