SchoolGirl AI – 3D Multiplayer Sandbox Simulator Mod Apk (The ads-free unlocked items)

SchoolGirl AI – 3D Multiplayer Sandbox Simulator Mod Apk
You are playing as a high school girl or high school boy in a Japanese School-Environment.

The map is huge and diverse. You can explore many different locations and buildings such as school, headquarter, office, nursery, apartment building, clubs, gardens, shrines and so much more. There are many different characters with different personalities such as kuudere, yandere tsundere, or dandere. Each personality behaves and acts differently.

You can play single or multiplayer. Non-player-characters try to simulate the best A.I. as possible.

You have a schedule. Try to maintain an ordinary school girl or schoolboy life.

You can play as a girl, as a tomboy, or as an actual boy. A New User Interface (UI) has been invented to easily control your character and interact with other characters (NPCs), other real players in multiplayer networking games, or objects in the Environment.

You can eat if you are hungry, you can drink if you are thirsty, you can rest (sleep) if you are tired, you can read a Manga Magazine or watch Anime if you are bored. If you are sick you can use a syringe, if you feel dirty you can use the Showers.

This Schoolgirl A.I. Simulation game has been realized to provide and simulate many real-life situations in a 3D Anime Virtual World.

Your Schedule has regular school classes, swim classes, gym classes, music classes, and many other classes that you can attend.

There is a Pose Mode that lets you perform any Pose that you wish. For example a cute pose, a victory pose, a shy pose or salute pose, and many more.
You have various skills such as flying, sprinting, or becoming invisible using Stealth. You can grow or shrink your characters if you prefer to be big or small.

If you are bored to play offline (Single Player Story Mode), try to connect with other people all over the world. You can join other Server or you can create own Server and host your very own games. Chat in a local Rooms Chat or in a Global Chat. You can even write PM (Private messages) to your friends if you like. You can perform any Roleplay as you wish. You can take Pictures with your Phone and save these memories for later or share them immediately with the built-in Share Options.

You can customize your schedule as you like. If you don’t like to play with creepers you can disable creeper time. You can choose the way how other NPCs look. This includes school girls, teachers, coaches, trainers, cleaning maids, and more. If you like having a pet you can choose a pet among many pets in this game. Your avatar comes with many powers, but you can unlock even more skills using the wheel of fortune within the game. With a little bit of luck you can get the skill you ever wanted. The more you play the more spins you get to unlock every day.

Furthermore this game has a full SANDBOX MAP CREATOR / BUILDER where you can create your own Game Simulator Map. Distribute your Map and share it with your friends or another player in public Rooms. You have a huge list of available items that can be placed to create your special School map.

You can also create a schoolgirl musician band. You can choose to play an instrument such as a guitar, violin, drums or you can also just sing with your microphone.
This game allows you to throw with shoes, summon powerful energy balls (anti-gravity Energy). You can do date role-playing. You can kiss or hug your dearest friend.
This high school simulation goes beyond any other regular yandere style mobile game. The customization opportunities are literally infinite. Last but not least you can drive a car, you can push a shopping cart and you can even put your friends into the shopping cart or in your car as a co-driver.

Furthermore, you are able to propose and get married. You can wear a white dress and even customize the dress.

Last but not least this game Supports multiple languages.

SchoolGirl AI – 3D Multiplayer Sandbox Simulator Mod Apk (The ads-free unlocked items)

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