SAMURAI ACES classic Mod Apk (Diamond usage is not reduced)

SAMURAI ACES classic Mod Apk
Avoid attacks from all directions, defeat enemies, and acquiring items to strengthen character. Try to get the highest score with strengthening characters.

[How to Play]
Able to move with drag, and shots are fired automatically

Available 6 different types of character for free
Enjoy with selecting 4 different levels of difficulty such as EASY, NORMAL, HARD, and VERY HARD
Able to start the game with full power from the beginning if starting with “FULL POWER START”
Character’s power will increase with acquiring ‘P item’ in-game
Able to use each character’s unique charge shot by touching icon
Using bomb to use each character’s ultimate skills
Available to get ultimate skill bomb during the play
Available to change the full-size screen or original screen in the game setting
Able to get additional scores through obtaining coins during gameplay
Available to start in full power mode after games over when selecting the continuing game
Supported achievement and leaderboard
Supported 16 languages

SAMURAI ACES classic Mod Apk (Diamond usage is not reduced)

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