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Revenge of samurai warrior Mod Apk

Revenge of samurai warrior Mod Apk
Revenge of samurai warrior Mod Apk Revenge of samurai warrior is a new addictive RPG game. You need to be the hero and get revenge from all soldiers and warriors who killed the family of our Samurai warrior in this new addictive battle game. You also need to fight against all enemies, kill them and survive to be the great hero of all time. Our advanced realistic physics engine will let you get the feeling of playing a real fighting game. So, if you ever wanted to try an addictive hero RPG game then download Revenge of samurai warrior on your Android smartphone or tablet because it is the perfect game for you right now.
Choose a level of difficulty and start playing the best adventure game ever. You can play in the Swordsman (Simple mode), Samurai (Normal level) and Ronin (Hard level). All those levels are realistic & unique and you will not be able to find them elsewhere.

Why do you need to download and install Revenge of samurai warrior – Addictive Samurai Fighting game on your Android smartphone or tablet instead of other war & fighting games?
✓ Very easy to play, you just need to use the on-screen buttons to control the Samurai warrior. You should kill all enemies and avoid being killed by them.
✓ We will show a tutorial before you start playing and you will be able to understand everything easily.
✓ Awesome Realistic and Impactful Environment, you will be addicted to this amazing RPG game.
✓ There are no hidden fees or annual subscriptions to enjoy the best free hero game. Enjoy playing for FREE.
✓ A very addictive game that you won’t be bored up.
✓ You will be able to play our game on your Android smartphone or your tablet because our game is designed to be played on any device.

1. Unlimited Karma Points
2. God Mode
3. Enemy Can’t Attack

– Into the game interface Click on the character avatar to enter the store, you need to click “CONFIRM” to confirm the purchase after purchase. After the character attribute has reached the full level, please do not open the store again, otherwise, the game may get stuck.

– Karma Points active after purchase first thing when playing some levels

Revenge of samurai warrior Mod Apk