Planet Defense : Siege of Alliens Mod Apk (Buy 0 diamonds in the store)

Planet Defense : Siege of Alliens Mod Apk
Check out this new tower defense strategy game. As the leader of the galaxy, your mission is to defend our planet against the enemies. Here you can build an empire from 4 basic types of turrets each equipped with unique skills. Upgrade your turrets to the best. Mix and match to protect your empire from different enemies.


Use your imagination to build your defense. Unleash the power of all the turrets.
Enemies come with different characters. Craft new strategies around each enemy’s power.
Endless levels, endless fun. There’s always a new challenge to complete.
Simple controls, and easy, helpful interface.
Energy cells automatically combined to aid you through the battle.


Huge variety of turrets. Discover all-new features to upgrade them.
Play anytime, anywhere, offline, and online.
This game is truly immersive and addictive. It keeps you craving for more.
Earn boosters as you destroy each enemy. Use them to level up.
Gear up your turrets in order to overcome those extra tricky enemies.

Planet Defense : Siege of Alliens Mod Apk (Buy 0 diamonds in the store)

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