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Park Escape – Escape Room Game Mod Apk (Lots of money)

Park Escape – Escape Room Game Mod Apk
The flickering neon under the night, not only has the bright nightlife but also buried countless darkness. In the past month, many children have disappeared mysteriously. This series of bizarre disappearances seem to be inextricably linked to the amusement park that has been deserted for many years …

But what really scares people is the mysterious rumors that immediately followed the first detective agency’s announcement to abandon the investigation, and it made everyone uneasy … Is this a murderer or an evil spirit as rumored cause trouble?

A rookie detective who has just graduated from a police academy has received an urgent order from a superior. They must detect the case within 2 weeks and find the missing child.

What’s the secret of the abandoned amusement park? Can they complete the task and save the missing child?

Park Escape – Escape Room Game Mod Apk (Lots of money)