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Miga Town: My TV Shows Mod Apk (Unlock all content)

Miga Town: My TV Shows Mod Apk
Let’s produce distinctive TV programs and/or films!

Have a tour in a brand new scene at the TV station and conduct a live broadcasting match or an outdoor interview. Enjoy the real experience of a TV presenter or a journalist. Show your unique culinary skills in a variety show and gain the audience’ favor.

Please, unveil all your creative ideas in different studios, as you may interview stars, celebrities, and fashion icons in talent talk shows or start a new program with your friends. Thousands of changes enable a freewheeling program mix.

–Five scenarios: Home, talk show live, press recording studio, variety studio, streets

–Home – move into the most luxurious room and play your favorite role!

–Talk show live – invite stars/icons at your choice, and talk about something crazy

–Press recording studio – this is the best place to utter a sound for news happening all around the world, and do a live broadcast for various matches and/or games.

–Variety Studio – it’s a variety of cooking competitions. Different judges have different tastes. Can you satisfy them all?

–Streets – Let’s get on the streets for random interviews and collect more data for the program.

–Give full play to children’s creativity
–Tens of billions of customized modes
–No third-party advertising
–No time limit or score ranking list

Miga Town: My TV Shows Mod Apk (Unlock all content)