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League of Wannabes Mod Apk (Unlimited Currency/ One Hit Kill/ Max Attack Speed)

League of Wannabes Mod Apk
League of Wannabes Mod Apk  League of Wannabes is an awesome independent pixel mobile game. At its core, you’ll find a fusion of innovative Roguelike gameplay, sandbox-style worlds, and a high degree of freedom that bring gamers a diverse and immersive gaming experience.

The game’s story takes place in a parallel universe; one where people have caused serious damage to the environment, plundering natural resources, and almost destroying the planet altogether.

In this world, its inhabitants are divided into two classes – the surface society and the abandoned underground people, who are under constant pressure and tyranny.

Your role is the hero and your ultimate goal and hope for survival are to overthrow this oppressive regime by leading a secret rebellion.

Here you will:

– Have complete freedom. Want to destroy, interact, or burn everything to the ground? Go right ahead!

–  Attack A-life NPCs with challenging battle AI and faction camps. Our NPCs are personality-driven and have emotional reactions to the player’s actions.

– Embark on diverse mainline missions, collect various side quests and get involved with events within the game as the story progresses;

– Various alternate endings for endless amounts of replay value;

– Handle tons of fun weapons and props that are at your disposal;

– Enjoy smooth real-time combat that is especially good when facing challenging bosses.

League of Wannabes Mod Apk (Unlimited Currency/ One Hit Kill/ Max Attack Speed)