Knights Age: Heroes of Wars Mod Apk (Money/Diamonds/Experience)

Knights Age: Heroes of Wars Mod Apk
will bring you to different historical eras of humanity: from the savage stone age to the unbelievable futuristic environments. This game goes beyond just annihilating the enemy and its military bases. Your main mission is to become the leader of your army to defend your territory while attacking the enemy.

You will have to fight through the feature age from the Stone Age then evolve to Ancient Egypt, Ancient Roman, Present, and the Future. For each age you will have a base to train seven types of soldiers. You also have two types of the turret to build to protect your base too. Especially, each age has one special skill to attack the enemy.

– War across the Ages!
– 4 difficulty modes and Generals
+ Addictive gameplay.
+ 8 unique age with different types of soldier, turret and skill.
+ Beautiful graphics for the battle game with a friendly user interface.
+ Dynamic sounds and music.

Knights Age: Heroes of Wars Mod Apk (Money/Diamonds/Experience)

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