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Hako-Hako! My Mall Mod Apk

Hako-Hako! My Mall Mod Apk
Hako-Hako! My Mall Mod Apk *Story

With the rise of massive corporate shopping malls,
the local malls you once grew up in were shutting down one by one.

Now that most of the shops are gone, the place feels so deserted.
Your family’s tofu shop is going to meet the same fate soon…

“No! We cannot end like this!”
With this strong will in mind,
you decided to make the local mall thrive again!
And so you start to work on this great revival plan.

*How to Play

Build new shops and collect funds!
Upgrade your shops and purchase new equipment to increase profit!
With more funding, you can build more shops!

Beware! Bad characters may find their way into your mall too!
Take care of them swiftly, or build special facilities to keep them away!

You can also set up a variety of cityscape items and decorations!
From floor tiles to vegetations and decorative objects!
It’s up to you to create a lively environment!

Gain reputation and you’ll be able to move on to new areas!

*Play Tips

-Remember to upgrade the shops!
-Set up a police box to keep the suspicious guys away!
-Check out the requests from townsfolks and respond right away!
-Create a special mall with your creativity!

*Recommend to players who:

-Love the environment of good local malls
-Love to travel throughout the whole of Japan
-Want to create malls by their own taste
-Enjoy shopping mall simulation games
-Admire miniature models

the use of enough silver coins without reducing but increasing
use enough gold bricks to unlock the material to obtain a large number of gold bricks

Hako-Hako! My Mall Mod Apk