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GoreBox 2 Mod Apk

GoreBox 2 Mod Apk
GoreBox 2 is an extremely violent multiplayer shooter game.

Play a multiplayer shooter and become a survivor in the apocalypse!

You can now use the special skin maker to create your own skins and play them on the battlefield.

In Free-For-all you can fight against anyone in the world,
measure your skills, or work with everyone.
Your choice

-Private Servers-
Now you can play in private with friends or host massive events!
Host or Join private serves that hold up to 100 Players!

-Realistic Weapons-
Weapons have been adapted to behave realistically.
Fire Rate, Sounds, Clip size and Damage have been adjusted
to match their power in real life.

-Blood and Gore-
Body Damage is different for every limb and designed to match the human body.
You can break, blow and shoot off almost every limb.

Gorebox’s key features:
-Many planned gamamodes.
-Lots of realistic weapons
-Blood and Gore

and much more, have fun!

Money and gold are not wasted;
Disabled ad serving;
You can receive free items without viewing ads (for example, increasing money and gold).

GoreBox 2 Mod Apk