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Fancy Cats – Kitty cat dress up and match-3 puzzle Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Fancy Cats – Kitty cat dress up and match-3 puzzle Mod Apk
Fancy Cats – Kitty cat dress up and match-3 puzzle Mod Apk Fill your beautiful garden with over 40 species of fabulous fancy cats, each with their own unique personalities! Find out about the secret life of kitties in the cutest new free cat game ever in history. Play match 3 puzzle games and find a lot of paw-some boxes full of surprises. Feel the paw-someness of the best pet in the world.

In this fun cat game, you can name each cute cat, feed them, play with them, pet them, and dress them up in an array of paw-some costumes and accessories! Bat Cat? The Great Catsby? Kitty Galore? Purr-fessor Dumblepaw? The Notorious C.A.T? Fancy Cats has it all! See how many heroes you can transform them into, with endless cosplay combinations and stylish feline outfits – and there’s many more to come!

Teach your fancy cats amazing tricks with a whole selection of super fun toys; from clockwork mice to music boxes. Try each toy when you play and see how they react!

Unlock brand new toys, accessories and gifts by making a-meow-zing match combinations on the game board. Create cute new ensembles with plenty of cat-itude, and snap photos worthy of the global fancy cat's cosplay album.

Become a master of dress up, tricks and action in this trendy world of paw-someness! Go on the ultimate cat cosplay adventure.

Go watch your cats interact, talk, play, joke and take revenge on each other.

Challenge yourself with interesting match 3 puzzles.



1. From the creators of Fancy dogs comes another fun adventure, this time with cats!

2. Suitable for all girls and boys, grown ups and kids.

3. HUGE SELECTION OF FANCY CATS: 40+ cat species to collect, each with their own personalities! From popular cat like the Persian and Siamese to wild kittens like the Pallas and the Sand cats. And those are not all! We also have the Sphynx, the Exotic Shorthair, the Maine Coon, the Ragdoll, the American Shorthair, the British Shorthair, the Scottish Fold and the Abyssinian.

4. A fully functional virtual cat simulator. Watch your felines walk around, talking, playing, and even chatting with each other. And all that in your phone which fits in every pocket. You will soon forget that this is just a simulation.

5. ENDLESS COSTUME COMBINATIONS: Loads of cute outfits and cat-sessories for your fancy cats; including hats, jewellery, wings…even a bowl of ramen. Put some cat makeup to make your kittens become even more fancy. See how many heroes they can cosplay!

6. PLAY MATCH 3 GAMES and find all kinds stuff inside. Each match 3 puzzle contains fish and boxes for you to get. In the boxes are all kinds of surprises! New kittens, clothes and toys. Collect them all!

7. LOTS OF PLAYFUL TOYS: Have your each kitten become busy with all kinds of different activities. Watch some colorful fireworks exploding up in the skies. Lul your kittens with the sounds of the music boxes. Watch as your fancy cats make so much noise chasing after some clockwork mice. Have your kittens go hot as you give them some of the spiciest chili peppers. And that’s not all. We also have giant donuts, love potions and many more.

8. UNLOCK FUN CUTE GIFTS, ACCESSORIES and TOYS: Make a-meow-zing matches on the game board to release secret boxes of fabulous prizes! How many new accessories and free gifts can you uncover? You can dress up your cats like boys or girls. Just treat them like the kids they are.

9. PET YOUR KITTIES and feel the love of each kitty.

10. COLORFUL GARDENS: Seasonally themed gardens are purr-fect places to show-off your stylish fancy cats. Does the snow make a better backdrop for your photos? Have each cat stand out on its own. Have the gardens become the perfect house of kitties.

11. GLOBAL COSPLAY ALBUM: Grab the camera and take pictures of your fancy cats. Take each cat image and share your cosplay creations with millions of fans from across the globe. Get inspired and see how your felines weigh up against the competition!


Fancy Cats – Kitty cat dress up and match-3 puzzle Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)