Evercraft Mechanic: Online Sandbox from Scrap Mod Apk

Evercraft Mechanic: Online Sandbox from Scrap Mod Apk Evercraft Mechanic – is an open world sandbox simulator where you can craft everything from the scrap. Make a simple construction or join wheels and engines to build a car then ride it. Make a rocket and fly in space. Make a tank to defend yourself.

Main features:
The big world will please you build games sessions;
More than 40 unique craft items and blox;
Many types of functions & connections;
4 types of riding constructions.

Craft Simulator
Craft form scraps anything your imagination draws. This is one of the sandbox games where you’re free to make your dreams come true. From simple blocs to the physics simulation.

Build a car…
…or a motorcycle like a biker. Or build rocket-like space engineers to explore the galaxy. And ride on any vehicle you’ve built. This is an ultimate sandbox for evertech solution to become tech mechanic.

Save your progress & share with friends
A unique save system lets you generate many worlds and share them with friends. Just send them a save file and they will continue your simulator.

Open World
Go whatever you want. Sandbox mechanic lets you do it in both 4 coordinates. Craft everywhere!

Endless gears;
All premium blocks and weapons have been added to inventory;
Disabled ad serving.

Evercraft Mechanic: Online Sandbox from Scrap Mod Apk

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