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DrawCardLife Mod Apk

DrawCardLife Mod Apk
A strategic survival card game — Use your talents to survive – by selling your drawn cards and draw more SSR!

-There are drawing games everywhere. Like drawing cards? SSR? Or card games?
-This is a game purely based on drawing cards – only by drawing SSR can you survive.
-Free to draw with real chances.
-This is a survival game too – you need to live to continue drawing. All your food and water are obtained by drawing. Remember to heal your diseases too!
-Randomized talents – everyone is born with 4 different talents, which will affect your drawing and/or survival. Some are good, some are bad. Try yours now.
-Trading – prices of cards are changing every day. Exchangeable stuff changes every day. Be prepared.
-Gears of fate – feeling unlucky? Change your luck forever.
-Target – draw 100 SSR cards in 365 days and you’ve done it.

Game story:
The year 2419, the Game industry developed rapidly in the US, but games look all the same nowadays.
Also, the import of foreign games is banned.
Moreover, this “business pattern” in games is now used in every industry.
Want chocolate ice-cream? Sorry, I can’t just buy it, you need to have an ice-cream lottery. You may get vanilla, strawberry, etc.
Want that coat in the showcase? With money? No sir, you have to play the lottery in that shop to get it.
Vendors get maximum profit from it. And the GDP increased. A lot.
Even prisoners need cards to get food and water to survive. If they are lucky enough to draw 100 most rare cards – then they are free!

I’m in jail now, for cheating in the card pool. It’s a heavy offense now. They will release me If I can draw 100 SSR cards with my daily income.
But that's too difficult. I need to get my living necessities first.
I need to survive…

The sand of infinite destiny
The use of money does not decrease but increases

DrawCardLife Mod Apk