Dragon Smash Mod Apk (Always Win)

Dragon Smash Mod Apk
Auto puzzle x dragon x gilbat
You can get hot with your friends
The next generation puzzle RPG is here!

▼ It’s a puzzle, but it doesn’t puzz! ? New sense RPG!
Transcendental easy with a full auto puzzle! No hassle!
An exhilarating and powerful new puzzle RPG like never before!
In the transcendental combo, summon the strongest dragon only for you!

▼ Deck combination is free!
Various monsters and skills!
The monsters become even more powerful depending on the combination! ?
Find your own strongest deck!

▼ Be hot in the guild battle!
Real-time “Puzzle Guild Battle” with up to 20 people!
Build a strategy with your friends and defeat the base of your opponent’s guild!
Experience the incandescent Great Strategy Guild Battle!

Dragon Smash Mod Apk (Always Win)

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