Commando Adventure Assassin Mod Apk (DUMB ENEMY/ FREEZE ENEMY/ NO ADS)

Commando Adventure Assassin Mod Apk
Commando Adventure Assassin Mod Apk Commando Adventure Assassin is a real war game. It's really a challenge for you to complete your mission. The enemy has taken your land and they make their camp and making trouble in your country. You are only the last person left from your force. It’s your challenge to kill enemies before they kill you and take back your land from enemy and become a hero. They already got information about your mission and they are ready to kill you. The enemy is alert. You don’t have enough ammo you have to stole enemy weapon and use on them and complete your mission. You have different varieties of weapons and best luck for the mission.
Commando adventure assassin is an army based game and is all about army soldiers attacks in which you will get the experience of shooting to protect your country from their attacks. Simply from start to the end of level your mission will be to remain alert for enemy strikes and kill them as soon as possible. There will be different controls to control your army fighter. To achieve your target you, as an army man can run in the war zone and kill the enemy at any time. An automatic radar system is provided to facilitate your trace the exact location of your enemies. so you have to follow that Radar to find out enemies. Be careful, enemy army soldiers hidden in mountains can attack you at any time and your little ignorance can lead you to death.
Enemy army commandos can attack you from different directions left, right, front, from the top of mountain, and also from check posts so you would have complete look on all sides to stay safe.
4 different types of guns with unlimited bullets are available you can choose according to your own choice. If one magazine ends then your fighter automatically loads another magazine. If you are not comfortable with your weapon then you can also snatch advanced guns from enemies by killing them like AK-47 and other types of guns. With the passage of time your power will decrease so as fast as possible you have to complete your level. After completing one level you will be allowed to play at the next level.
The thrilling sound of enemy guns will ultimately keep you active. You can focus on the target by using an aiming facility. By using an aiming facility you would have to set your target and fire. You can also target enemy soldiers sitting in their check posts. Your life is very important to accomplish the mission because if you die then mission failed. To resume the game click the resume button and To play from start click on Play again button.

• Second person shooting game.
• Challenging mission.
• Different varieties of weapons.
• Use modern radar to identify enemy locations.
• 3D stunning graphic.
• It’s a totally free game and easy to play.
• Move forward, backward, left, or right with joystick control.
• Excellent adventure environment.

Commando Adventure Assassin Mod Apk (DUMB ENEMY/ FREEZE ENEMY/ NO ADS)

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