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Cocoro Sekai Mod Apk (Auto win)

Cocoro Sekai Mod Apk
The next English teaching material is “game”! ?
Introducing a new sensation quiz RPG that makes you good at English!
Defeat your enemies with the English four-choice quiz and improve your English!
You can play anywhere at any time, and it’s fun because it’s a game! !

Get rewards just by playing the game! ?
Equipped with new features that will shake the gacha industry!
You can play tocoton for free!

When I start doing it, I can’t stop, and I’m getting better at English!
“Kokoro Sekai with English and Quiz”
Please play!


■ You can play anywhere without charge!
A new feature of the industry quiver, get the pay item “Star Diamond” every time you play the game! ?
In addition, you can also draw gacha with the star diamond you got!
The more you play, the more profitable a new system! Enjoy the game at a great value!

■ New genre [English quiz RPG]
In Kokoro Sekai you can attack monsters by answering the English quiz!
The more you play, the more your English level improves! ?
Furthermore, you can answer up to the last two choices and correct mistakes on the spot, so it is perfect for learning English!
People who are not good at English can also enjoy playing!

■ With a character voice!
Gorgeous voice actors who color the battle!
Saori Hayami / Rie Kugimiya / Yoko Hikasa
Tetsuya Kakihara / Kana Ueda / Joji Nakata
Kana Azumi / Yuma Uchida / Sumire Moroboshi

■ Story
“Zero” There is another world linked to “Kokoro”.
Zero is a virtual space where game application characters are reproduced with advanced technology.
The real-world profile is programmed to influence the characters’ hearts.

In Zero, there is a “Seven Stars” consisting of seven popular characters,
The safety of seven areas of “zero” was protected.

One day, the appearance of an unidentified character “Mega” causes a change to “Zero”.
A “bug” occurred in the character data, and the figure of the buggy character changed and the “heart” became violent.

The hero who was accidentally taken into zero is to return to the real world
Embark on solving the case with the mysterious girl “Pria” …

Cocoro Sekai Mod Apk (Auto win)