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Cat Diary: Idle Cat Game Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Cat Diary: Idle Cat Game Mod Apk
Cat Diary: Idle Cat Game Mod Apk Synthesize cats and get a variety of soft and cute cats,
Dress up the house, unlock super fun cat interactions,
Let your cat travel ,start a wonderful adventure.
In the 《Cat Diary》, record your cat kingdom.

Colorful game plots and adorable pet cats.
Three themed functions: cat cultivation, home improvement design, and cat interaction.
Are you still worried that there is no cat in reality?
Come and start your journey of the cloud pet cat, collect cats of different breeds from all over the world.

Cloud pet cat
– Chubby soft adorable British Shorthair, Gentle Rag Doll Cat.
– Lively Chinese Garden Cat, Smart siamese kitten.
– Charmingly naive Garfield, Noble Bengal cat.
– More than 30 kinds of cats, dozens of exquisite costume decorations,
– Dress up your cat and make it the brightest cub in the entire city.

Cat travel
– The story of travel leaves too many marks and is the most beautiful adventure.
– Start the journey at different styles of scene points, trigger various interesting travel events,
– Bring your cat to walk through thousands of mountains and rivers and meet different scenery.

House design
– Multiple scenes of living room, courtyard, and study are gradually opened.
– There are all kinds of home furnishings, cute cats are everywhere.
– Independent design to create your own personalized cat nest.

Cat Diary: Idle Cat Game Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)