BoxStar Mod Apk

BoxStar Mod Apk
BoxStar, the game that combines light upgrades with the intense battle is now live! Command your stable of magical “Boxes” – block-shaped creatures – and compete against the best to stake your claim to glory!


– Quick n’ Easy: Your Boxes will be tested for skills and time in intense 3v3 battles that last less than 3 minutes! You’ll be in and out of battles in no time!
– Head-to-Head: Face off against opponents from all over the globe, and match your wits and skills against others to claim the title of “King of the Boxes”!
– Training: Discover new play styles by having your Box fight in matches to get stronger! Switch up your tactics and maximize your pets’ potential!
– Evolution: Evolve these wondrous Boxes to learn new skills that can turn the tide of battle and discover an all-new experience!
– Road to Promotion: Fight and grow stronger so you can get promoted and earn new and more powerful Boxes.

The skills in battle without CD
The battle will take effect after a while

BoxStar Mod Apk

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