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Bbulle War Clicker Mod Apk (Unlimited Currency/ Resources)

Bbulle War Clicker Mod Apk
Bbulle War Clicker Mod Apk Precautions
Although cloud storage feature, because it can cause if stored properly, this should not
We recommend that the game does not erase. (Is Clearing the data in the game machine blown up!)
Cloud-loaded revisiting used only to replace the unit

After you confirm that the doengeot when you change the cell phone store in a complete device used hasideon
Simply load the new equipment!

If you turn off the cell phone or using Blu-stack games
The part relating to the time may not be operating normally.

Game Description
The mercenary mercenaries led danjangnim required!. Your right!
A led invasion force of mercenaries from Ksar Pax Please observes the Midlands!

– Recruiting mercenaries of various class E ~ S
– In the buff yongbyeongdan technology research, the enemy had to make a debuff
– Look at me ridorok hired mercenaries to counter magic damage to the physical resistance of the enemy
– Mild to hold enemy left to catch the mercenaries themselves Thyssen enemies try to click quickly haechiwo

So now we will wish the Bill danjangnim ppopge the S-class mercenary ~ !!

Honey Tip!
– The reader has high damage, we recommend clicking the mercenaries with critical skills.
– Collections of mercenaries with the increasing amount of gold acquired skill Let the sun aengbeolyi.
– Mercenaries and mix with a damage buff skills are in proper proportion.
– Chaos Mercenary Damage to ignore the resistance of the enemy was hired to Let pilhi.
– Let even mercenary mow mix properly debuff the enemy’s resistance and maximum strength.
– Good awakening of giving to the highest possible grade mercenaries.

Bbulle War Clicker Mod Apk (Unlimited Currency/ Resources)