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Battle! Bunny – gacha cute pets & animals td Mod Apk (Unlimited currency resources)

Battle! Bunny – gacha cute pets & animals td Mod Apk
★★★ Embark on an epic tower defense adventure with your cute gacha pets of the Bunny Army today! ★★★

★Cute Doddle Cartoon Style Tower Defense Battle Fun ★

– Just tap the cute pet Bunny to deploy on the battlefield and fight with strong animal troop enemies.
– Pull back Bunnies to rewind the pets and avoid the animal enemies ATTACK.
– Fire the Cannon to blast the animal enemies within range.
– Destroy the enemy base to win the battle.

★ Cute Bunny Pets Gacha Fun, Gacha! Gacha! ★

Bunny is so cute as a pet!
There are various kinds of cute Bunnies awaiting!

Clear Stages to win Coins for drawing more Bunny.
Try your luck to gacha as many Bunny as possible and let them be your pets and join your army to battle for you.

In this game, Bunnies are not aways just single rabbit. They can be teamed up with other animals like cats, dogs, and even dinosaurs or dragons. Super Fun!

★ Simple Leveling & Evolving Fun ★

Clear Stages to win XP to level up Bunnies.
Can they just be upgraded by XP?

Collect repeat pet Bunny for evolution and become stronger.

★ Mysterious Event of Surprising Fun ★

Various NPCs to talk with.
What event will happen?
What will they tell you?
Explore more and unlock mysterious events!

★ Many Kinds of Animal Enemies ★

It’s the war and battle between rabbits and other animals.
What happened to them?
Bunnies may be able to fight with a cat or a dog, but can they beat a powerful tiger or a giant elephant?

Gacha more cute Bunnies as your pocket pets now!
Build a strong Bunny Army for Kingdom Today.
Can you take over the Animal Kingdom with your Bunny Army?

Battle! Bunny – gacha cute pets & animals td Mod Apk (Unlimited currency resources)