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Age of Conquerors Mod Apk (Unlimited gold coins)

Age of Conquerors Mod Apk
Age of Conquerors is a single-player civilization-building strategy game. You are the leader of a civilization and are tasked with establishing, leading, and expanding your nation to dominate the world.

Wage wars, conduct diplomacy, develop culture and technology, and create infrastructure as you lock horns with the greatest military leaders in history!

☆Build your Civilization☆
Construct buildings anywhere you like on the world map. There are no restrictions!
Mix and match building expansions to create the best stat combinations.
Design your City freely with many interior design options available.

☆Free Combat☆
Move your army across the map freely, and lay siege upon enemy civilizations with long-range weapons.
Manage your troops efficiently on mobile devices with the new Merge feature.
Adapt to the ever-changing battlefield by switching formations, anytime, anywhere.

☆Develop your Culture☆
Customize your City’s cultural growth by switching between the Tech of different civilizations with the Tech Tree system.
Create your own culture by acquiring and integrating foreign cultures.

Age of Conquerors Mod Apk (Unlimited gold coins)