Towerlands – strategy of tower defense Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

Towerlands – strategy of tower defense Mod Apk
Towerlands – strategy of tower defense Mod Apk Towerlands is a charming game that combines the tower defense (TD) genre with strategy mechanics and role-playing elements (RPGs). Choose your tower strategy to survive!
You will feel like a strategic castle king in a fantasy world. Your goal is to defend the castle from enemies and take over new land.

Build cities to improve and equip your troops with the best weapons. Grow your tower to defend your castle from attacks by bandits, orcs and undead. Hire and train new units to increase the most powerful troops in the world ranking. Choose your strategy, conquer enemy castles and get more gold. Become a hero of the Towerlands war and try to improve all heroes such as warriors, magicians, archers and so many other defenders!

Create or join clans to play with friends. You can exchange resources with players and fight against other clans to get gold and resources.


1000 waves of enemies to survive.
27 units to explore and train.
30 artifacts for crafts.
Strategic map.
6 different buildings.
3 enemy races: Orcs, undead, bandits.
8 locations.
Online clan system.
Ranking of players and world clans.
You can play offline.
Gold farm unemployed.

Towerlands – strategy of tower defense Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

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