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Tower Defense: New Realm TD Mod Apk (Unlimited Currency)

Tower Defense: New Realm TD Mod Apk
Your kingdom is under attack!

The abbot of the royal cathedral has poisoned the water in the kingdom and turned most residents into his slaves. The kingdom and the whole world needs you! Build, fort, and defend the tower, protect your territory from the damned army of the rogue abbot.

Tower Defense: New Realm TD is a tower defense /

Think about your strategy and command eccentric characters with epic abilities, weapons, and lots of explosions in this tower defense game.

Face a relentless wave of medieval outbreaks of myth, build, fortress, and promote your epic tower defense: crossbowmen, assassins, humane monks, and brave guards.
Tower Defense: New TD Realm Feature

* 30 epic battle zones to challenge your strategy
* 4 towers to strengthen your defense
* Eccentric heroes are fully customizable
* 2 expandable allies
* Outstanding medieval art design

Tower Defense: New Realm TD Mod Apk (Unlimited Currency)