Three Kingdoms: The New War Mod Apk + Obb

Three Kingdoms: The New War Mod Apk
– An interesting storyline, playing games like watching a movie: Retrieving the Reincarnation fragment, preventing Cao Cao from being assassinated, rescuing Zhuge Liang, bringing the history of the Three Kingdoms back to the track. With Three Kingdoms: The New War, you won’t ever want to skip the storyline anymore.
– Stunning 3D Graphics: 3D animated Chibi graphics, changing expression of heroes according to moods, realistic shadows, bright tones, neat UI layout, effect skills and eyes,…etc, all are suitable for the user’s eyes, even on the smallest mobile screens.
– Hunting Bosses day by day: 5 floors, 13 bosses, 8 levels of difficulty, choose boss depending on your squad’s strength and strategy. The difficult levels apply for each player’s team, everyone can be happy with Three Kingdoms: The New War
– Arranging battle formation, competing for the tactics: Three Kingdoms : The New War owns extremely fast, powerful time-based gameplay. Players could easily customize their squad with more than 100 heroes. With the player’s creativity, any hero could be the main key of the team.
– Assembling heroes form the squads: 3 players, each of them will contribute two most powerful heroes to form the squad and fight in dungeons. The deeper dungeon your team can go, the higher achievements you can get.
– Phoenix Farmhouse: In this campaign, you will confront the most terrible mysterious force of three kingdoms. Your team is powerful but it seems the deadliest things in this world. Use your mind, note every small detail, find the weakness of enemies, pray for it. Hopefully, you will defeat the most powerful machine in the world.
– General Slash
– Birth of Demon King
– Octagonal Array
– Hulao Pass Gate
– Gold mine
– Pharmacy
– Hero Arena
– Elites Meeting
– Annex the whole world
– Android: From 8.0 and above.

menu mod
high-speed battle
You need to enable Overlay Permission and Storage Permission (if have) on settings in your phone to make menu appears

Three Kingdoms: The New War Mod Apk + Obb

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