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Sword & Soul Mod Apk (high move speed) + Obb

Sword & Soul Mod Apk
Sword & Soul Mod Apk Sword & Soul ~ A fun game that will be sad and you will regret it!
Wake up the war in Sword & Soul, a dream world where ordinary people like us can practice as gods Do not be afraid of any power Don’t bow to injustice. Everything depends on the power within you. The game developed by divine technology. Comes with a motion capture system Able to fight while flying air freely Wander through the beautiful worlds Change fate Endless development

[Full 3D]

** Full 3D view, a vast map, fine work, 100% realistic scene

[Powerful bird wings]

** Fly as you wish. And wrestle in the sky, fly to the king, explore the wonderland

[Cutting edge technology]

** Advanced motion capture technology Act as you please And let’s show off our style

[Romantic wedding system]

** Seek love, attachment Meet the lover on the land of mist, mountains Hand in hand to weddings and have cute children

[Private auction market]

** Trading freely Find a gourd in many ways.

Sword & Soul Mod Apk (high move speed) + Obb