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Stick Fight: The Game Mobile Mod Apk + Obb

Stick Fight: The Game Mobile Mod Apk
Stick Fight: The Game Mobile Mod Apk Stick Fight: Mobile Game is the official stick fight game on mobile. Join the hilarious fighter, Stick Fight: The Mobile Game, which is a physics-based sofa / online fighting game where you fight as an iconic stick figure from the golden age of the internet.

Stick them!
Challenge Stick Fight friends and fans from all over the world. Control Stick figures to run, jump and fight. Face each other in a free-for-all 4-stick fight! After 9 matches, rank the top 4. Now with a funny arsenal and 100 maps!

Relive the classic Stick cartoon with a free duel for all!

- The official Stick Fight game on mobile!
- Cute battles with up to 3 friends!
- 100 funny maps, dozens of funny weapons, like weapons that shoot snakes, or bombs that explode themselves, and unlimited ways to die!
- Create your own map with the default level editor: the sky is the limit!
- Customize your stick figure with a new avatar store and color system!
- Compete online with players from all over the world!

1. MOD Menu
2. One Hit Kill
– Only Enemies You Hit will Die (Best Enabled for Matches)
3. One Hit Kill v2
– Anyone who is Not You and gets hit will Die (Useful for farming money by killing the stickman in home screen)
4. Godmode
– Take No Damage
5. Stable Weapon
– Removed Weapon Spread/Recoil/Kickback
6. No Screen Shake
– Remove Screen Shaking Effects
1 = Yellow
2 = Blue
3 = Green
4 = Red
Otherwise this mod may not work for you! One Hit Kill might end up killing you

Stick Fight: The Game Mobile Mod Apk + Obb