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Snail Bob 3 Mod Apk (Infinite love/ Unconditional use of gold coins does not decrease)

Snail Bob 3 Mod Apk
In this sequel Snail Bob goes treasure hunting?

Bob Snail was so purposeful that he always crawled forward. So, your job is to press the button, replace the lever, open the door, turn off the fire, etc. In general, do everything Snail Bob does to reach the exit safely.

Now you can find Super-Shells that give Snail Bob the possibility to jump, run and even fire a cannon!

Play levels don't forget to collect stars and hidden treasure chests to unlock lots of fun clothes for Snail Bob including superhero clothes and video games.

Snail Bob 3 is good for players of all ages and skills (family play). This is a nice and funny game, which makes your brain hard but won't break it and definitely makes you smile 🙂

- Different levels
- After completing bonus levels, Snail Bob will find more treasure
- Now with super shells, Snail Bob can jump, run, fire cannons, and even more.
- New 'Time Mode' that gives access to bonus levels
- Find hidden stars and crates to undress for Snail Bob
- Lots of fun clothes. Snail Bob can dress
- Great family puzzles suitable for children and adults, and also for playing together (family games)

- A free puzzle game and amazing adventure
- The main character is fun and funny - Snail Bob?
- A great family puzzle game very suitable for players of all ages and skills, and also to play together with children and parents.
- Every puzzle and adventure has a logical solution.
- Lots of fun clothes Snail Bob can be dressed up.

Snail Bob 3 Mod Apk (Infinite love/ Unconditional use of gold coins does not decrease)