Samurai Warrior – Kingdom Hero Mod Apk

Samurai Warrior – Kingdom Hero Mod Apk
Samurai Warrior sends on a quest for revenge in the war-scorched countryside. In this war RPG, fearful samurai heroes need to dominate a journey filled with countless samurai battles, challenges, and missions. This great RPG adventure showcases excitement, from the shipping village to the flying fortress to the legendary Isle of the Dead, the samurai will not stop to hunt down his enemy Musashi. ⚔️

Take your favorite Samurai to the next level by giving rewards and increasing his weaponry, skills and combo attacks. Make Samurai Warriors unbeatable beasts that will make the game easier! Search, battle, and truly experience a true samurai RPG!

Samurai warriors have a special reason why they go in this samurai battle! Read the story for each search in an impressive anime-style comic panel, unseen in other similar samurai war RPG games!

The gameplay is not empty and there is no point in RPG. Instead, he goes further in the role play, adding variety by solving environmental puzzles, finding and exploring useful things, traps, and more. Believe us, in this combination of role-playing and samurai RPG you will enjoy something truly unique!

Fight in free RPG games inspired by samurai and their search features graphics, impressive gameplay, and more importantly a dynamic camera that will look for the best perspective in every battle and meeting. Feel the battle sequence quickly in the most thrilling way, because the dynamic camera is enhanced with stunning HD graphics and impressive artwork!


★ Use a virtual joystick making sure you cut out enemy villains.
★ The camera finds the best perspective for each meeting game scene, adding variety while staying focused on the action.
★ very fast and glorious royal battle area!
★ Complete amazing environmental puzzles, avoid dangerous traps and find useful things to complete the chapter.
★ The fight begins, no need to worry, the battle never takes a back seat and to take-search.
★ RPG Elements reward skilled players - improve Samurai's health, buy new attack combos, and upgrade them to extraordinary levels.
★ New survival mode pits samurai against waves of enemies, giving hardcore players a score attack mode to hone their skills.
★ Advanced AI system is equivalent to game consoles such as PC, Xbox, ps4.

1. Unlimited Karma Points
2. God Mode
3. Enemy Can’t Attack

– Into the game interface Click on the character avatar to enter the store, you need to click “CONFIAM” to confirm the purchase after purchase. After the character attribute has reached the full level, please do not open the store again, otherwise, the game may get stuck.

– Karma Points active after purchase first thing when playing some levels

Samurai Warrior – Kingdom Hero Mod Apk

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