Rivengard Mod Apk (Dumb Enemy/Unlimited Energy)

Rivengard Mod Apk
Rivengard Mod Apk Challenge your tactical mastery in this new turn-based RPG!

Take advantage of your hero's special terrain and power to lead them to victory!

Unlock and upgrade your main hero collection to be placed as an unshakeable force on the battlefield!

Destroy and conquer the hordes of powerful enemies by releasing your character's unique abilities!

Fight to reach the top and get rid of the strongest bosses in the world, forcing them to join your team!

• Access full game features when connected to the internet

TURN ON MOD FROM MOD MENU – if you do not see mod menu then make sure you go to settings > apps > game name > permissions and allow all permissions and “draw over apps” permissions

Note: Your energy will be unlimited, just spend even if it is 0, about Dumb Enemy – When your hero performs the last attacks, just turn on Dumb enemy quickly and all the enemy turns will be skipped and your turn will be ready. Once your turn is ready just turn it back off and perform your attacks then if you feel like activating the mod again, repeat the process.

Rivengard Mod Apk (Dumb Enemy/Unlimited Energy)

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