Nocturne of Nightmares Mod Apk (Free Premium Choices – No Ruby Consume)

Nocturne of Nightmares Mod Apk
■■ Story ■■
You are a young woman whose childhood always ran away for some reason. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to remember it.

One day after falling asleep, you wake up scared in a dark and scary world. But you are not alone. You find yourself trapped in this nightmare world with some interesting strangers. However, they all looked familiar. Who are they? And why does your heart hurt so much when you see it, especially Licht?

However, there was no time to think about that when a heartbreaking childhood appearance began to suddenly appear one after another. But before you can even process what appears before your eyes, terrible monsters appear out of nowhere. It is set to destroy you. However, strangely ... even the monster seemed to suffer. What does this mean?

You run because your life is scared and confusing. Before you can unravel this mystery, you wake up in cold sweat. Only so that the cycle repeats every night when the bell rings ten. What is going on? Why this happened?

You agree to meet young men who are strangely familiar in the real world to find ways to stop the cycle. It seems like the nightmare is somehow connected to your hidden past. Unfortunately, you also know that if you die in the nightmare world ... you die in the real world.

Are you going on a good night? Will you solve the mystery? Can you end this life-threatening nightmare cycle? Or will you be forever tormented by your past? Ready or not, embark on an emotional journey to find yourself, friendship, love, and survival!

■■ Character ■■

The first you encounter in a nightmare, calm and count Subaru looks far and withdrew. His characteristic red and blue heterochromia fascinates you, but he seems embarrassed by his red eyes for a reason. Could he be hiding something?

Leaders who assert themselves when you meet in the world of nightmares, Ray looks cold and bossy. Always with good reason, medical students have a low tolerance for nonsense. But, maybe there is a soft side? What could he hide under the rough exterior?

The most mysterious of the group, Licht calls you by name when you meet him in the nightmare world, but you have never met him before. Have you? You never seem to find it in the real world. Why does just seeing it make your eyes hurt and your eyes water? You both feel a strange relationship and familiarity with each other but can't explain it. Could Licht be the key to solving the nightmare mystery?

Always in a party life (even in a life or death situation), Thoma is mild and always jokes. Everything feels much better with him around. But he sure had a way to get under Ray's skin for some reason. Could someone who is cheerful and optimistic hide a dark secret?

Nocturne of Nightmares Mod Apk (Free Premium Choices – No Ruby Consume)

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