Magic Mansion: Match-3 Mod Apk (Unlimited Lives/Moves)

Magic Mansion: Match-3 Mod Apk
The magical world is always there. However, it has been hidden from all of us for centuries. Magic Mansion welcomes you to the world of wizards, wizards, and non-wizards. Combining the best of a two-match match and a renovating game, Magic Mansion takes you on an adventure through magical areas.

Enjoy a magical atmosphere, meet new friends, and play with family, solve fun matches with three blast puzzles, decorate your magical castle using spells, and your wand.

Watch Out! Magic castles and worlds have their own stories and mysteries. Learn how to use your strength, talk to magical cats, dogs, unicorns, and even teleport in your castle.

Discover the story of a magical school with their director professor Amanda Oconal. Design, build and decorate the mansion. Express your style and creativity by decorating halls, office pots, observatories, parks, student bedrooms, libraries, zoos, and many more rooms and areas! Hundreds of fantastic interior options will surely satisfy even the most sophisticated flavors! Find a variety of beautiful home decorations and create your extraordinary atmosphere!

To unlock new areas and chapters in gameplay, you must complete three math puzzles. Blast cubes of the same color and combine boosters to win fun match-3 levels! Watch Out; a limited amount of movement. Solve challenging puzzles and combine rockets and bombs for powerful explosions. Beat more levels by creating powerful combos to decorate rooms opening a new chapter along with charming castle decorations and cute animals!

Oh, and beware of magical animals. Sometimes they are wild robes. You will meet cats, unicorns, phoenixes, magic wolves, dragons, firebirds, and other creatures in the wizarding world. Don't forget to take care of your pets by feeding them! Find beautiful skin and beautiful clothing collections for your little furry friends!

Game features:
● Addictive gameplay: win match-3 levels of explosions, restore and decorate the castle, be part of an exciting adventure
● Complete hundreds of challenging match-3 blast levels and open new chapters
● Dozens of characters in the game, which will help in the reconstruction of the house
An adorable pet is waiting for you
Outstanding home decor will allow you to show off your personal style
● Different rooms in a magical school, each with unique gameplay, amazing animations, and addictive stories
● A variety of clothes for your cute little friend
● The community of friends, whom you can ask for help and send lives
● A super free game that you can even play offline

Magic Mansion: Match-3 Mod Apk (Unlimited Lives/Moves)

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