Mad Day – Truck Distance Game Mod Apk (Unlimited coins)

Mad Day – Truck Distance Game Mod Apk
The upcoming Battle of Alien Earth In this epic racer to save your beloved pet Octopus Fluffy and escape. Mad Day is an awesome combination of racing and alien games. Upgrade cars, weapons, clothes, clothes and more to defeat the bad guys.

Take on alien lasers and detonate with your own truck rocket launcher as you climb hills and destroy walls. Then start running with your rifle, kill and destroy aliens. Earn gold coins to improve your Car and weapons and buy boosters to get further each time and beat the best distance before and your friends. Go out of the way while you drive and run for your life!

4 unique quality vehicles.
More than 1,000 unique character combinations. Buy new hats, clothes and accessories.
Crazy Hard Boss Fights!
Several enhancements, including Gun, Rocket Launcher, Alien Ram, and your Armor are available in your private garage.
Fluffy's Spinning Wheel of Fortune
Friend Leaderboard
Playing Very Addictive Games
Social Features
Simple control scheme

Mad Day – Truck Distance Game Mod Apk (Unlimited coins)

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