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Loved by King Bs Mod Apk

Loved by King Bs Mod Apk
“I ‘pretended’ to be his girlfriend,
but I ended up becoming his real lover.”
He is a well-known Tsundere.

I thought my life flipped upside down
after getting marked by them,

but unexpectedly, they are the ones
who changed markedly because of me.

Seventeen, Eighteen, and then Nineteen…!

What has happened to us?

The second story of myself,
who wanted to live an ordinary life,
and five unordinary-gorgeous King Bs♥

Plus, the appearance of a weird(?) university senior
who’s only cold towards me,
but acts nice from time to time!

I really feel like I’ve been…
Marked by this senior…!

“Squartle, I really missed you, darn it.”

The return of Squartle and 5 King Bs
as ‘Loved by King Bs’,
Plus an appearance of a new senior from the university.
Aren’t you curious about this spectacular story?

1)Get A lot of gold when finishing a date
2)Get A lot gacha when finishing a date
3)Get A lot of keys

Loved by King Bs Mod Apk