King’s Blood: The Defense Mod Apk (Unlimited Bloodstones/One Hit Kill)

King’s Blood: The Defense Mod Apk
King’s Blood: The Defense Mod Apk King’s Blood: The Defense is a strategic defense game with a very different game method compared to conventional defense games.
* Game data can be deleted automatically after saving the game on the Options screen and not accessing the game for a long time. Please note that you must save the game and use an identical account to access the game after changing your device.

■ King’s Blood is a story-based strategic defense game with an ending. This game offers Normal, Defense and Conquest battles, without level limits.

■ 4 unique heroes King's Blood is a powerful helper for players, each with his own story.

■ You can make your own character by choosing appearance, gender, and name.

■ Players can hire various troops and soldiers from many countries, including the Knights of Bordeaux.

■ There is a dynamic of dominance between soldiers and troops, and the unique abilities and skills of soldiers greatly affect the game as they level up.

■ Extract Enchanted Bloodstones to give the army, goods and abilities you want.

■ Players can obtain items by defeating Vampire Lords in the Battle of Conquest to change gears which will enhance the abilities of the soldiers and themselves.

King’s Blood: The Defense Mod Apk (Unlimited Bloodstones/One Hit Kill)

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