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Item shop Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Item shop Mod Apk
Install items to sell and make money!

Sell items by placing them on the table. Sometimes customers can ask to buy certain items. When the player is not in the shop, Mimi the cat will take the place to sell the item instead.

You can also combine items together to create new items!

Go to the bar and ask the adventurer to get the items and ingredients you want to sell. There will be a number of adventurers you can ask at the beginning, but the numbers will increase as your fame rises.

Let Adventurers gather items for you to sell!

You can also create new items by combining two different items. However, created items can also become junk if you make a mistake in a combination.

Save money so you can expand and remodel your store!

Save money by selling lots of products and expanding the size of the store so you can buy items to decorate your room in luxury.

Item shop Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)