Hunter Sim Mod Apk (Money + Unlocked)

Hunter Sim Mod Apk
Hunter 3D simulator is an unforgettable adventure for real men in the dense forest, where you will meet face to face with the quadrupeds of these places and hunt them down.

If you are a hunter - take your gear and go hunting now on an offroader.
In your garage, a 4x4 off-road is waiting for you.

Grab your hunting rifle, jump into a 4 × 4 off-road car and go to the forest to hunt various animals: bears, foxes, rabbits, big deer .... and many other animals that come from the forest.

Game features:
- The best hunting simulator.
- Fun games that are free to play that are fun to play.
- New open 3D world.
- hunting animals.
- Third-person mode.
- Driving off-road with a 4x4 off-road car.
- Beautiful graphics and realistic scenery.
- Realistically animated animals to hunt.
- The sound of the forest, increasing the effect of reality.
- Best hunter score table.

Tips for successful hunting:
1. Be careful, wild animals are dangerous and can attack people.
2. For best shooting results - use the scope.
3. Don't approach your prey too close - you will scare the animal.
4. After shooting the prey, don't forget to load it into your trunk. This way your wallet will be refilled.
5. The greater the prey, the more money you will carry.
6. Use the money earned to buy a new car that will allow you to go to inaccessible places that are full of animals.

Hunter Sim Mod Apk (Money + Unlocked)

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