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From Zero to Hero: Communist Mod Apk

From Zero to Hero: Communist Mod Apk
From the creators of the ultra-popular game - From Zero to Heroes!
Become a communist leader and bring light to the world of communism!

- Start your life as a poor worker, collecting crops in the fields;
- Live in the wagon and ride the horse-drawn carriage.
- Start your life from the bottom and plan your path to increase strength.
- Contacted in various fields and professions
- Uncover intrigues and uncover conspiracies'
- Test your dictatorial skills in practice
- Pressing traitors and all those who disagree with your opinion
- Discover the secrets of your competitors
- Create your army and destroy your enemies
- Take control of the country as long as possible and don't die before.

Topple the regime and build your dictatorship! Build your party, become the Supreme Commander and achieve the prosperity of your dictatorship!

Gold coins will not be reduced but increased when buying food and vehicles

From Zero to Hero: Communist Mod Apk