Fantasy Story 2048 Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold/Diamonds/Energy)

Fantasy Story 2048 Mod Apk
puzzle game mixed with city building elements to help you strengthen your hero and reach as many levels as you can. Find lots of places, call a variety of heroes to join your struggle, and destroy all obstacles to keep moving!

* The game system is simple and easy to control.
* Combo system to make your day easier.
* Build a shop and decorate your own village!
* Gather resources and farm the land to improve your shop!
* Summon and strengthen your hero to unlock various skills
* 200+ levels to play.
* Amazing visuals and graphics.
* NO internet connection required!

Swipe the screen to move tiles in any direction you like! Numbers will multiply each time combined with tiles with the same number. Does feeling stick to some degree? You can use your Hero Skills to help you through it! Complete all objectives before the movement runs out!

Fantasy Story 2048 Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold/Diamonds/Energy)

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