Fantasy Heroes En Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold) + Obb

Fantasy Heroes En Mod Apk
Fantasy Heroes, Fantasy Adventure for the Android version, is a cute game. This game feature combines RTS and RPG systems. Players can control the main character - Roland, and there are 12 teammates who can be chosen to compete against many monsters together.
Stage-mode has 60 stages, before playing this mode, the player must create a team that has a maximum of 4 members. You can choose more teammates after completing more stages. As the game continues, the stages will become more difficult; players need to train themselves to improve their level, strengthen equipment and also learn various skills as their level rises. Each character can learn 3 Active Skills and 3 Passive Skills. According to different skill combinations, there are more than hundreds of types that can be played in the game. Players can become stronger by using an upgrade system that has five stages to improve each piece of equipment. This will help the player to get through the stages easily.
When players reach level 20, they can learn special Active Skills. This special skill will allow players to turn into mythological roles - Mageborn who has great power to help players overcome all monsters.

★ Easy operation
★ 60 versatile stages
★ 13 characters to choose from
★ More than hundreds of skills can be learned
★ Fantasy Mageborn Transformer
★ Different types of role training

Fantasy Heroes En Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold) + Obb

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