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Dungeon Restaurant Mod Apk (Unlimited Currency)

Dungeon Restaurant Mod Apk
Dungeon Restaurant Mod Apk [Intro]

In the deep dungeons somewhere..
A place where adventurers quench their thirst…

The store hours are from 12 A.M. to 12 P.M…
People cal this store the “Dungeon Delicacy”.

All dishes are made with the monsters that live in this dungeon.
Do customers come?

More than you think…

[Play Tip]
– You have to collect 5 Dunchelin stars.
– You can get monster ingredients from adventurers through quests.
– You can get vegetables from planting them in pots.
– The favor level of adventurers changes based on the taste of the dishes.
– Adventurers with low favor levels are less likely to accept quests.

Dungeon Restaurant Mod Apk (Unlimited Currency)