Disney Mirrorverse Mod Apk

Disney Mirrorverse Mod Apk
Disney Mirrorverse Mod Apk Face to face with high-risk action adventures at Disney Mirrorverse!
Bring together the Disney and Pixar guard teams - evolving and empowered like you've never seen before - to defend against the unrelenting dark threats of this new team-based RPG action.

Evil forces are increasing in this reorganized universe, requiring champions who are strong enough to meet challenges. Sulley, Baymax, Scars, Captain Jack Sparrow, Jin, Merida, Belle, Oogie Boogie, and many more are ready and strengthened in a dynamic and unpredictable way. Get ready to stand up against the hordes of darkness to come who are trying to break the Mirrorverse world of the Agrabah Traders, Scarefloor F, and Landing Royal Queen's Landing.

No cooling, no consumption
The waiting time for entering the game for the first time will be longer

Disney Mirrorverse Mod Apk

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