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Criminal Russia 3D.Gangsta way Mod Apk

Criminal Russia 3D.Gangsta way Mod Apk
Criminal Russia 3D. Gangsta way is the best simulator of criminal life in harsh Russia!

It is a unique game with realistic physics and perfect 3D graphics with a real-time control system in an open world.

– Third-person gameplay: car stealing, man shooting, and driving are all for you, with the most powerful 3D engine
– Uncut adventure: real Russian city with racing, fighting, car dropping, motorcycle challenges, traffic race, and even tram and bus races
– Authentic Russian locations with local sights: cities and villages
– One and only traffic system with our own AI algorithm
– Different controller types: arrows, accelerometer and steering wheel
– Well detailed graphic from real cars and places
– The unique public transport system
– Endless space for police actions: hit and run, car stealing, police firefight and even more
– Exciting plot: unexpected twists, freedom of choice and rich rewards with money and guns. Walk the path from the courier to the head of a mafia family
– Shopping and styling. Choose your outfit from more that ten modern catalogs
– Special stores: unique weapons and armory
– Real-time level-ups and talent improvements
– A huge number of jobs and professions: from taxi driver to professional assassin
– Comprehensive car tuning: colors, spares, drives and every part you can imagine
– Totaly open world – only you choose what to do

Much money;
Acquired advertising shutdown;
After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the menu mod with the possibility of endless rounds (appear after changing weapons and firing).

Criminal Russia 3D.Gangsta way Mod Apk