Clash of Crime Mad San Andreas Mod Apk (A lot of money and ammo/All weapons bought)

Clash of Crime Mad San Andreas Mod Apk
Deceptive cops, crossing the mafia, having fun, going driving a steep sports car, earning money in various works, promoting your authority in the eyes of big mobsters, all of which depend on you! A large number of weapons, cool cars, girls, shooting, car chasing, action in the first part of the famous game Clash of Crime Mad San Andreas!

Refill your weapon, press the gas and hold on tight - it is the most colorful action in your life.
Clash of Crime opens a new world, reviving the dark and seedy San Andreas underground world. With a massive and diverse open world, the cast of wild characters from every walk of life and freedom to explore at will, Mad San Andreas Clash of Crime places a dark, attractive, and cruel world of evil at your fingertips.

• Visually updated graphics, characters, and vehicle models are amazing
• HD quality resolution
• The gameplay is optimized for touch screen devices
• Additional adjusting traffic frequency
• Hours of gameplay

√ Blockbuster jealousy for the plot of this game!
√ Lots of JOB storms
√ Various storylines
√ A large number of jobs to get first money: pizza boy, taxi driver, ambulance driver, and many more
√ San Andreas, a large city stretch from the coast to swamps and luxury to the ghetto, is one of the most varied,
the most complete and lively digital city ever created.

√ Access CRAZY WEAPONS, armories, and other strong equipment
√ A large car park, where you will find the pickup, muscle cars, and even helicopters
Abungkan Combining open-world gameplay with a character-driven narrative, you arrive in a city full of fun and degradation and given the opportunity to pick it of your choice.

√ Going from a stubborn police chase, doing the tasks of Crazy Joe, he will lift you up in the eyes of the city's main cartels
√ The plot and gameplay are woven into one unit
√ Earn money on various missions, vehicle theft, the murder of rival gangsters, obey mafia orders
√ Become the original old school San Andreas Gangster
√ This is the story of someone climbing to the top of a criminal heap

Game flow:
A boy named Nick has lived for 10 years in the Ghetto, and he constantly needs money for his whereabouts. He worked as a pizza man, as a taxi driver, changed jobs, but his debt increased.
Old friend, Crazy Joe suggested that he solve the problem by working for the mafia. Nick agreed desperately. But it's not that simple, the mafia rejects it because of its terrible past and asks it to get out of the city, because Nick killed half of the mafia before, when they were opponents.
Nick carries out orders from the mob, given to Mad Joe. He did it to improve his reputation in the mafia, and to get revenge on the cartel's main boss in San Andreas.
You have just become the most wanted man in town. Where crime is everywhere, you must hold the gun tightly and take part in the wildest mob war ever!
City of sin and evil. City of bright lights and dark hallways. A city where you can get rich suddenly, and quickly lose your life. Welcome to the Mad San Andreas Clash of Crime.

Supported languages: English, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese, Hindi, German, Spanish, Indonesian, Italian, Turkish, Thai, French

Clash of Crime Mad San Andreas Mod Apk (A lot of money and ammo/All weapons bought)

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