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Cat Simulator 2020 Mod Apk Money

Cat Simulator 2020 Mod Apk
Cat Simulator 2020 Mod Apk You will be a beautiful cat. You will find a family farm in the middle of a green forest with a large blue lake. You can do whatever you want in this wide world. Go on an adventure!

- EXTENDED FAMILY. At level 10, when you are an adult cat, you can find soul mates and get married. Take care of your partner, feed him, and he will help you fight. At level 20, you can have your first baby. When you teach him everything you know, you can have more. In total, you can have three children, and with such a large family, you can defeat a fox, even a wild boar!

- RESIDENT ASSISTANCE. You will not be alone on the farm, because there live Farmers, Goats, and Piggy. You will be able to communicate with them and if you bring the items they need, they will thank you with lots of coins and special Super Bonuses.

- REVEALED. You can sneak up and ambush your enemy. Squat to the ground, crawl into the ferrets from behind, and like a real hunter, give critical damage with your clawfoot swing!

- PURSUIT. If a mouse or rabbit sees you, they will be afraid and run to their allies for help. Cats run very fast, chase mice and turn them into your prey, don't let them escape!

- GARDEN. You will be able to take care of your vegetable garden and plant several different vegetables, such as turnips, carrots, beets, or pumpkin. Every vegetable planted will give you a useful bonus forever.

- BREEDING At first you will be a red farm cat, but then you will be able to access the real cat breeds: Siamese, Burmilla, Blue Russians, Bengal, Want Egypt, Bombay, Abyssinian and Bobtail (Pixibob). Eventually, you will become a very powerful Alien cat, and then the enemy will run away for fear of your strength.

- WEALTH, BOSSES, ADVENTURE. Look for coins throughout the forest and farm. Go to the barn and jump on straw, boxes, basins, barrels, and shelves. Jump to a well, various buildings, rocks, or bush to collect coins. Complete various quests, get rid of group leaders and Bosses, help the inhabitants of the farm and become the most powerful and richest cat in the world!

Cat Simulator 2020 Mod Apk Money