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Brown Dust – 9vs9 Turn-Based PvP Mod Apk

Brown Dust – 9vs9 Turn-Based PvP Mod Apk
3rd Birthday Massive Update!
Replace Brown Dust and start anew, RE: LOAD!

Dominus Octo, the ruler of the night world, is coming!
See interesting and powerful legendary mercenaries, helper!

Back to stronger benefits!
Get the 14 strongest mercenaries and 2 legendary mercenaries with Full River + Awakening + Manrep!

■ taste of sniper! The unique character ‘Illustration’
-Is this true?
High-quality illustrations for you in different classes
Interesting illustrations that can even feel the classic RPG sensibility
- Meet the heroes of Brown Dust, recognized as a beautiful game.

■ More than 300 mercenaries and various skill combinations
Turn-based action RPG with various mercenaries and combination of skills
-The skill effects become stronger with certain combination set effects
-All mercenaries can be raised to the highest level through upper and awakening levels.
-Enjoy the pleasure of collecting RPGs and various combination strategies.

■ Honey Jam! A new and exciting battle pleasure all the time
-Many battle patterns based on mercenaries, formations, and attack sequences
-Battle action with a different and fun strategy every time!
The pleasure of 'perfect victory' is achieved because I think it is not comparable

■ Fancy voice actor participating! Character voice update!
- Enchantment of mercenaries equipped with realistic voiceovers
-Check more than 100 different and dynamic character sounds.

■ Various modes such as PVP to enrich the fun of strategy games
- [Scenario] Interesting adventure story with high immersion
- [Campaign] Based on an adventure scenario, consisting of more than 700 stages
- [Rune Shrine] 5 runes for stat expansion
- [Closed Crystal Cave] Underground dungeon capable of gathering revival materials for each type
- [Satan] Another fun strategy! Ancient coins and various prizes
- [Fuel Arena] a stressful PVP game that is reminiscent of psychological battles through deck placement
- [Before the Alliance] Battle of the PVP unit ‘Before the Alliance 'is updated
- [Underground Stadium] Real-time camping and real PVP
The excitement of the basic RPG is basic! Gather heroes through Gacha, etc.
Various event dungeons that can collect growth / revival items for training


x2 inventory space
x10 battle speed
Enable battle repeat on all stages

If you using Android 6 and up you must grant “Storage” permission before open game and Allow “Display over other apps” for show Mod Menu.

Brown Dust – 9vs9 Turn-Based PvP Mod Apk