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BloodWarrior Mod Apk (A large number of diamonds)

BloodWarrior Mod Apk
Game of dark fantasy, hack and slash, and action RPG.
Experience the Blood Warrior.

Game Features
– North American-style high quality and full 3D graphics with striking senses!
You will be able to release all your stress and get the thrilling feeling of Blood Warrior’s hack and slash.
– Equipped with a variety of skills and items, experience Blood Warrior’s intense yet unique new thrilling game!

Enjoy the game with the mysterious NPC ‘Sarah’ in exciting new scenarios.
Normal or Hard Mode, a total of 90 diverse stages are waiting just for you.
With 10 kinds of pets waiting to help you; join them quick on a thrilling adventure!

There are 3 stimulating challenge modes: Time Attack/Boss Raid/Explore Mode
Here, it is possible to obtain numerous rewards and advanced equipment whilst competing level of rank with other users. Try these exhilarating, new challenges!

BloodWarrior Mod Apk (A large number of diamonds)